Bespoke Roman Blinds

I recently had some fun making bespoke roman blinds to dress a beautiful, tall window.


The Window

Curtains were previously hanging at this window, which stretches right up to the ceiling.  Roman blinds are therefore a great choice as they help to showcase the lovely wooden window frame and the height of the window.

The house is over 100 years old, and has fantastic character with lots of beams and exposed brick.  The window is a main feature in this particular room, so it was great to fit a window dressing that compliments the feature, rather than covering it up.


Obstacles to overcome included a narrow window frame, divided in two by the upright in the middle of the frame, a ceiling sloping away from the top of the window frame and a large handle on the latch.  This meant that fitting just one blind would not be suitable –  a single batten would not fit inside the window frame and due to the slope of the ceiling there was no option to fit a blind outside of the recess.  Positioning of the blind cord would also be important, so as not to catch on the handle.


I made the blinds from ticking, which is a medium to heavy weight fabric, and does not need usually lining.  It is perfect for roman blinds, as it holds structure very well.  It is also striped which can often make a window look taller and is aesthetically pleasing.


My client and I were able to find ticking in an oatmeal and pale blue stripe which matches both her sofa and the carpet.

Roman blinds are my favourite type of window dressing, as they are crisp and never look outdated.  They can also be personalised with a contrast border, trims and various styles of acorns and cleats.

Although roman blinds are available to buy ready made, hand made blinds will be made to the exact shape and style of your window, and also take any obstacles or quirks of your room and window into account.  Please get in touch at if you would like to enquire about a bespoke roman blind.


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