November Projects

Here’s a round up of my November projects with photos and a few comments!

I completed three projects last week for a customer in Boxgrove, West Sussex.  She runs a successful B&B business, and needed a fresh new look for one room, as well as a window dressing for a brand new room.  Cushion covers were ordered for a living area to match existing blinds.


I love a quirky print, and fell in love with the seagull design on this fabric, chosen by my customer.  The blind was fitted to a window above a sink, where previously there were curtains hanging.  The curtains were not ideal as they had a tendency to knock over sink accessories, as well as blocking out a fair amount of light at the sides of the window.

I was able to fit the blind a good 5cm above the window, which kept light blocking to a minimum, and when let down the blind sits neatly on the sill, well out of the way of the sink.  It also has the added benefit of blackout lining which is perfect for a good night’s sleep!

The window frames, which were previously dark wood, had been given a new lease of life with some white paint which really brightened the look of the whole room.


Seagull Blind


This small blind below was fitted in a brand new room, freshly renovated and decorated.  It’s such a cute little window, and we didn’t want a window dressing to detract from it’s existing charm.  Therefore, we decided on a plain white blind with narrow pleats.

The window still retains it’s charm, but stops the morning light from waking guests up to early! It also has blackout lining, which, in addition to the obvious benefits gives a little extra weight to the blind, improving the way it hangs.


Small White Blackout Blind



Cushion Covers

These ticking cushions were made to match the roman blinds which dress the tall victorian windows.  They feature side zips and really bring the room together, introducing a little more soft colour to the neutral colour scheme.  There was also enough of a remnant to make a table runner, which decorates the dining table at the other end of the room.

Sometimes having matching soft furnishings can be a little overpowering if the colours are strong or if the print is very busy, but because this is such a simple print in soft colours it looks really good.


Ticking Cushions


Matching blinds and cushions



I also had several curtain alteration jobs, one of which was for a customer who had bought ready made curtains and needed some changes made.  She had found some lined chenille curtains for a bargain price which coordinated really well with her newly decorated sitting room.  However, the window they were destined for was 15ft wide!  Therefore, she had bought two pairs to cover the width.

The curtains needed a lot of alteration – first the four individual panels had to be joined together to make two panels.  Next, the length was shortened, and the heading had to be changed.  The curtains had an eyelet heading, but my customer had a track.  So I changed the heading to a pencil pleat tape, which is suitable for a track fitting.

Top tip for choosing readymade curtains – make sure there is enough width of fabric for your window.  Remember, you usually need at least twice the width of the window in fabric.  For example, if your window is 2m wide, you will usually need a pair of curtains with a total width of 4m.


Chenille Curtains

I also repaired a zip on this knit fabric skirt.

Zip repair

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